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Welcome To Our Campfire Rubber Stamp CCSTA-1443

Welcome To Our Campfire Rubber Stamp CCSTA-1443

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Discover the charm of handcrafted precision with CutlineCrafts Welcome to Our Campfire rubber stamp your versatile companion for infusing warmth into every creation. Expertly designed for the craft enthusiast this rubber stamp is ideal for a plethora of applications from embellishing scrapbook pages with a cozy campfire theme to adding an inviting touch to party invitations and DIY projects. With dimensions of 1.25 inches for an understated effect or a grander impression at 2.5 inches at its maximum breadth this stamp fits effortlessly into any crafting nook or workspace. The robust birch wood base and handle ensure a stable and comfortable stamping experience granting you the power to create consistent smudge free images with nothing more than a gentle press. Perfect for educators looking to ignite a spark of creativity in their classroom or a hobbyist desiring to leave a memorable mark on their handiwork our stamps serve a vast array of purposes. Adorn your picnic announcements create bespoke place settings for outdoor gatherings or personalize camping gear with this delightful stamp. Proudly made in the USA each CutlineCrafts stamp not only supports local artisans but also promises premium quality with every use. While an ink pad is necessary for operation the limitless potential of our Welcome to Our Campfire stamp makes it a must have tool for anyone passionate about personalizing their projects with ease and authenticity. Stamp specifications Stamped Image Measures Choose from 1.25 inches or 2.5 inches at the Widest Point Material Durable rubber design mounted on a birch wood base and handle Compatibility Requires an ink pad for use Ideal for Crafting scrapbooking invitations educational activities customizing camping and outdoor gear event decorations and more Origin Made in the USA supporting local craftsmanship Elevate your craft to the next level with CutlineCrafts Welcome to Our Campfire rubber stamp and let every impression you make be as unique and inviting as a campfire gathering.

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