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No Smoking Smokefree Rubber Stamp CCSTA-19503

No Smoking Smokefree Rubber Stamp CCSTA-19503

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Embrace a healthier environment with the CutlineCrafts No Smoking Smokefree rubber stamp. Designed for versatility this stamp is indispensable for businesses enforcing smoke free zones public spaces promoting health or event organizers marking smoke free events. With meticulously crafted details it makes its mark in scrapbooking home d cor or crafting custom signage. At a convenient size of either 1.25 inches or a larger 2.5 inches at its widest point these stamps are the perfect tools for asserting smoke free policies clearly and stylishly. The compact design doesn t sacrifice impact ensuring your message is seen on a variety of materials from paper to fabric. Hand assembled with a birch wood base and handle the CutlineCrafts stamps promise ease of use and durability. Paired with your choice of ink pad the quality rubber design guarantees a sharp and lasting impression each time you stamp. Giving your projects a polished and professional look has never been this easy. Proudly made in the USA our products support local artisans and ensure you re buying a piece of quality craftsmanship. Ideal not only for scrapbooking aficionados and educators but also for business owners and DIY enthusiasts looking to personalize place cards menus or table settings in smoke free environments. Add an eco conscious touch to your crafts bullet journals educational materials and special event stationery while supporting a smoke free statement. The CutlineCrafts No Smoking Smokefree rubber stamp is more than just a tool it s an extension of your commitment to a cleaner smoke free atmosphere and a nod to creative expression.

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