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Stamp Shapes

I Love My Family To The Moon And Back Rubber Stamp CCSTA-1548

I Love My Family To The Moon And Back Rubber Stamp CCSTA-1548

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Sure I can continue adding ideas for these categories. A. Different shapes 1. Pentagonal 2. Hexagonal 3. Heptagonal 4. Octagonal 5. Nonagonal 6. Decagonal 7. Dodecahedron 8. Icosahedron 9. Tetradecagon 10. Hexadecagon B. Combinations of colours 1. Pink and Grey 2. Blue and Gold 3. Purple and Silver 4. Red and Black 5. Orange and Green 6. Yellow and Brown 7. Teal and Maroon 8. Olive and Navy 9. Lavender and Coral 10. Mint and Chocolate C. Unusual materials 1. Bamboo 2. Hemp 3. Cork 4. Recycled Plastic 5. Silk 6. Velvet 7. Latex 8. Jute 9. Cashmere 10. Mycelium mushroom based material D. Weird uses 1. Picture frame 2. Pet bed 3. Plant pot 4. Storage for garden tools 5. Musical instrument 6. Rain collector 7. Compartment for hide a key 8. Bird feeder 9. A mini greenhouse for seedlings 10. Lunar phases tracker E. Things that can be on top of it 1. Solar charger 2. Mason bee house 3. Wind chime 4. Bird bath 5. Herb garden 6. Sundial 7. Fairy lights 8. Weather vane 9. Plant climbing trellis 10. Wifi extender F. Things that can be underneath 1. Castor wheels for easy mobility 2. Adjustable feet for levelling 3. Hidden storage compartment 4. A pull out mini table 5. Magnetic base for stability 6. Sandbox for kids 7. Scale to measure its weight 8. A pet house for cats or small dogs 9. Earthworm compost bin 10. A cooling rack G Combinations of sizes 1. Tiny and Huge 2. Small and Extra Large 3. Medium and Mega 4. Petite and Giant 5. Compact and Oversized 6. Miniature and Tremendous 7. Little and Massive 8. Diminutive and Colossal 9. Pint sized and Vast 10. Teacup and Mountainous I hope you find these suggestions helpful By the way the text document is missing the details for the category H . If you need new topics for the category H you might want to provide more context.

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