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Ho-ho-ho Y'all Rubber Stamp CCSTA-13278

Ho-ho-ho Y'all Rubber Stamp CCSTA-13278

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Embrace the holiday spirit with the Ho ho ho y all rubber stamp from CutlineCrafts a delightful and versatile addition to your crafting arsenal. Designed with meticulous attention to detail this high quality stamp is perfect for a multitude of applications ranging from festive scrapbook layouts to unique event decorations. With a width of 1.25 inches it strikes the perfect balance between compactness for easy storage and sufficient size to make a bold statement. Crafters and DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the durable birch wood construction of the base and handle combined with a precision cut rubber design that guarantees crisp clear imprints with every use. Whether decorating holiday cards customizing gift tags adding a personal touch to party invitations or creating classroom materials this stamp infuses projects with a joyful Southern festive flair. We proudly produce our stamps in the USA nurturing local artisans and ensuring that each piece meets our stringent quality standards. The Ho ho ho y all stamp is available in both the cozy 1.25 inch size and a more prominent 2.5 inch variant to cater to different project scales. Pair it with your favorite ink pad to achieve vibrant long lasting results. Ideal for teachers scrapbookers event planners or anyone looking to personalize their crafts this stamp is not only great for Christmas themed projects but also works wonderfully on handmade ornaments DIY wrapping paper and holiday party props. Choose our Ho ho ho y all rubber stamp to add a personal and jovial Southern touch to your festivities this season

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