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Be Smart Work Hard Trust God Rubber Stamp CCSTA-387

Be Smart Work Hard Trust God Rubber Stamp CCSTA-387

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Enhance your crafting arsenal with CutlineCrafts expertly designed rubber stamps where precision meets creativity. Perfect for an array of activities these stamps are not just versatile for scrapbooking or marking milestones but are also ideal for educators to motivate students or for customizing party favors and home decor with inspiring messages like Be Smart Work Hard Trust God. Available in two convenient sizes select either a compact 1.25 inch or a larger 2.5 inch width to suit the scale of your project. Each stamp promises a crisp clear impression courtesy of the durable rubber mounted securely on a sturdy birch wood base complete with a comfortable handle. This marriage of materials ensures longevity and ease of use assuring that your personalized touch is just an ink pad press away. Proudly made in the USA CutlineCrafts rubber stamps not only deliver exceptional performance but also bolster local craftsmanship. Whatever your project be it adorning classroom materials enriching faith based activities embellishing wedding stationery or personalizing your bullet journal they will add a unique heartfelt touch. Remember these versatile stamps require an external ink pad allowing you to choose the perfect color to match your vision. Add a CutlineCrafts stamp to your collection and experience the joy of bringing inspiration to paper fabric and beyond.

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